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Tuesday, 27 Jul 2021


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   Our approach to oil-and-gas deposit design is based on the principles of system analysis oriented to search for and decomposition of the problems of a current state of a development. The given method highlights a problem, finds the key issues generating this problem and is focused on solving this problem.

Key competency:

  • Technical and economic assessment of the oil recovery factor;
  • Creation of project documents for development of hydrocarbon fields;
  • Monitoring of development of oil-and-gas fields;
  • Analysis and prediction of drilling efficiency in new wells as well as of geotechnical activity;
  • Building of 3D geological and hydrodynamic models of hydrocarbon deposits;
  • Building and maintenance of electronic databases and file storages;
  • Provision of services on gas-oil ratio determination, development of guidelines for oil and gas process loss.

Priority directions of scientific research activity.

  • Development of problem-oriented approach to solving problems in the scope of improvement of the existing systems of

    oil-and-gas field development;
  • Development of intellectual systems of analysis and prediction of drilling efficiency in wells and capital-intensive geotechnical